Cataclysm (2012)

Cataclysm– explores the strength of bloodline in catastrophic event and takes its motivation from the epic earthquake in Haiti.  Throughout the course of 9 minutes, 7 dancers appear tied to one another at the abdomen by a dark colored fabric.  As they struggle to pull and stretch through the space, the characters experience a bound familiarity that serves as a bond and a tradition that they can’t be freed of.  This work is accompanied by a Haitian Folk song by Frantz Casséus and Lolita Cuevas, and sound by Clint Mansell and Meredith Monk.  This work was originally created in 2010 and revised in 2012 to expand further into the emotional state of the victims of this tragic event.  While the intent remained the same the choreography was enhanced to represent visceral response to a catastrophic event. 

Photo Credit: ASC Dance