Enamored Flame (2011)

Enamored Flame is a collaborative work by the group Complex Mammal.  The choreography and text, created by professors Bridget Roosa and David Thompson, were initially inspired by the historically documented stage accidents in which ballerinas would become enveloped in flames after their tutu’s would come in contact with oil burners.  Continuing with this idea of a dancer suffering for her passion the piece further explored the psychological effects of a dancer feeling the need to conform to achieve perfection.  While the movement is developing the performers are abstractly chanting choice words such as passion, conform, burn, accept, destiny, suffer, and others that represent the perilous life of dancers.  In addition, the 11 performers are manipulating a long piece of black tulle (approximately 40’) through the space.  This work is accompanied by selections from Zoe Keating and Jennifer Thomas and a live performance of a violin solo by Jules Massenet played by professor Qiao Solomon. 

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash